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Reuters Investment Profile Subscription

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Make faster and smarter investment decisions with unlimited access to Reuters Investment Profile Subscription with research on over 25,000 companies worldwide.

Making the right investment decisions often comes down to quickly and accurately comparing the right data on target companies. That's why we have created the Reuters Investment Profile Subscription. Each report - updated weekly - gives you the facts, figures and trends you need to make smarter investment decisions.

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All the data you need in a concise easy-to-read format

Each report is packed with the up-to-date ratios and statistics you need to make sound investment decisions:

  • Compare stocks side by side, with quick and easy comparisons of data points for as many companies as you like.
  • Get clear explanations of the ratios, data points and calculations included in every report.
  • Get global coverage, with reliable world-class data from Reuters.
  • Refreshed weekly for up-to-date price information.
  • Delivered in PDF format for instant access and easy printing.

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The Reuters Investment Profile Subscription gives you a clear investing advantage with a wealth of information on over 25,000 companies

Each report includes:

  • Historical Stock Price Trends
  • A Comprehensive Company Profile
  • Complete Company Fundamentals
  • Key Ratios & Statistics
  • Consensus Estimates & Analyst Recommendations
  • Income Statements, Cash Flows & Balance Sheets for Last 3 Years, 5 Quarters
  • Summary of Key Executives

With the Reuters Investment Profile Subscription, you eliminate time spent searching through web sites and company financial reports.

And you won't be faced with having to collate the data in a form that allows for reliable comparison, or reconciling differences in language and interpretation among the research sources.

Instead, you have all the information you need right at your fingertips. With each hour you waste collecting and formatting data rather than analyzing it, opportunities are lost. The Reuters Investment Profile Subscription provides everything you need when you need it, in a proven and time-tested format, for over 25,000 companies.